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Product Review: Natural Hair Make-Up Brushes

Hey everyone, I am really excited about this product review because this is a definite essential that I need and I know if you try, you will feel the same.

The product is just a simple set of 32 natural hair make-up brushes I found on Amazon for $20.00! I know what you are thinking, they suck and are not real hair, just some cheap synthetic crap that does not work. But I am telling you, they are the best brushes I've used and the fact that each brush is less than a dollar is also great.

So I love these brushes because there are so many of them, I don't have the take the time to wash them every other day because I can use a different brush that is in the set, AND washing them is so simple. They don't loose their shape, smell weird, or get hard and crusty like after you make them sparkly and clean.

The next best thing about these brushes are they are oh so soft, you almost want to just brush them over your face because they feel so good. A very wise woman once told me to always get natural hair brushes instead of synthetic because synthetic hair is like your armpit hair, hard and bristly, but natural hair is soft and touchable like the hair upon your head--I defiinatly want to follow that advice!

I can't say enouogh good things about this wonderful product, the case they come in a fine and easy to use, they actually apply the makeup the way you want and you look great after, who would think right?!

Anyways, here's a link if you are interested and want to try them out yourself.

Hope you enjoy!


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