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Halloween witches hat

Halloween Witches Hat

Hi everyone, I would like to give a tutorial on how to make this Halloween Witches Hat.  This is a cute craft that is easy to make.

Materials Needed:
1/2 yard of Halloween fabric.
light weight Heat & Bond or fusible interfacing
Rick rack
Halloween decorations of your choice
Fabric glue
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Polyester fiberfill or news paper
1.  Use about 1/2 yard of Halloween fabric.  This fabric has a black background with white object that kind of look like spider webs.  I think it will work great.  You will need to cut 2 circles about 10" diameter ( I took a dinner plate and traced around it) you will use one circle for the upper brim and one for the bottom of the hat.

2. Cut a 14" cone shape piece of fabric for the top of the witches hat, you will only need to cut one.

3. Cut your fusible interfacing or the heat and bond, the same diameter and shape as the cone and the circle.  You will only need one of each piece.  Press  it on the wrong sides of the fabric.  (For help use package instructons.)

4. Sew the seam on the cone shape piece to make it the hat top.

5. Take one of the circle fabrics and cut a hole in the middle the same diamiter as the base of the cone shaped top, pin and sew the cone to the circle base to form a brim.

6. Stuff with a little polyester fiberfill or news paper.  It  may need something to help it stand up.

7. Sew the bottom of the hat to the brim.  I zigzag around the edge to keep from fraying and used rick rack to cover the zigzag seam. 

8. Decorate it as you please.  I used fabric glue to glue the ribbon on the  hat and a craft glue for the other embellishments.


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