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hairstyle #8 Cute Spiral Braid

If you are looking for the wow factor in a  little girl hairstyle, this is IT! This hairdo is just a dutch braid, or reverse french braid, that spirals all the way around the head, then ends in the center of the back of the head.  I finished the style off by making a messy bun out of the ends of the french braid.   Seriously the hardest part of this style is getting your little one to hold sill long enough. I let my girls watch a little movie or color a picture while I do their hair, it saves us ALL from the torture of doing hair.

 I didn't finish the braid to the center, because I wanted a place to put a cute bow. Either way looks super cute!

If you want a great tutorial on Dutch Braiding  go here. Happy Braiding!

Fun Halloween Bat Craft to do with your kids!

Looking for a really fun Halloween craft to do with your kids? I know I am always looking for something fun to do with my kids. This craft is really easy and fast. It's really cute  too!  Here is how you do it.

1. Take regular coffee filters and paint them with watercolor paint an let dry. (I used a blow dryer to help dry them)

2- Scrunch them up into a bow shape and tie a string around the middle.

3- Cut a 3" round circle and 2- little triangles for ears.

4- Glue ears on the back of the circle

5- Glue wiggle eyes on the front.

6- Tie string to the back of it for hanging.

Get creative with it and have FUN! Happy Halloween!

Product Review: Natural Hair Make-Up Brushes

Hey everyone, I am really excited about this product review because this is a definite essential that I need and I know if you try, you will feel the same.

The product is just a simple set of 32 natural hair make-up brushes I found on Amazon for $20.00! I know what you are thinking, they suck and are not real hair, just some cheap synthetic crap that does not work. But I am telling you, they are the best brushes I've used and the fact that each brush is less than a dollar is also great.

So I love these brushes because there are so many of them, I don't have the take the time to wash them every other day because I can use a different brush that is in the set, AND washing them is so simple. They don't loose their shape, smell weird, or get hard and crusty like after you make them sparkly and clean.

The next best thing about these brushes are they are oh so soft, you almost want to just brush them over your face because they feel so good. A very wise woman once told me…

Little girl Hairstyle tutorial #7 Knot hair do

This is one of my favorite hair styles I have done on C so far.  I just love all the different textures, with the braids,  and the knots, and the poofy ponytail in the back.  Don't worry I know it looks complicated, but if you follow the steps you will see it is really easy!
Part the hair across the front of the head, like in the picture to the left. Then dutch braid, the hair down to the ear.
then make a part from the tip of the left ear to the tip of the right ear  and make 5 pony tails with the remaining hair on top of head up to the part you just made. Tuck the tail of the dutch braid into your first pony tail.
Tie each ponytail into a knot. Demonstrated in the picture on the left. Once all the ponytails have been tied into knots. take the tails, and pull them into a single ponytail at the back of the head.

Backcomb the ponytail Place bobby pins underneath the  ponytail to make it stand up a little.

Roll the remaining hair up to meet the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. ( …

Halloween witches hat

Halloween Witches Hat

Hi everyone, I would like to give a tutorial on how to make this Halloween Witches Hat.  This is a cute craft that is easy to make.

Materials Needed:
1/2 yard of Halloween fabric.
light weight Heat & Bond or fusible interfacing
Rick rack
Halloween decorations of your choice
Fabric glue
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Polyester fiberfill or news paper
1.  Use about 1/2 yard of Halloween fabric.  This fabric has a black background with white object that kind of look like spider webs.  I think it will work great.  You will need to cut 2 circles about 10" diameter ( I took a dinner plate and traced around it) you will use one circle for the upper brim and one for the bottom of the hat.

2. Cut a 14" cone shape piece of fabric for the top of the witches hat, you will only need to cut one.

3. Cut your fusible interfacing or the heat and bond, the same diameter and shape as the cone and the circle.  You will only need one of each piece.  Press  it on the…

little girl hair tutorial #6 braided flower

This hair do looks super complicated and fancy, yet it is really quite easy.   Step 1 Braid 3 french braids on the top of the head, secure with elastic bands. Then pull All the hair into one ponytail at the back of head.

Step 2  braid 6 even braids into the ponytail

 Step 3  Loop the end ofthe braid and secure it with the elastic that is holding the ponytail in place.  Repeat this with 5 of the braids, spacing them around the ponytail to form petals.

 Step 4 Tie the last braid into a knot in the center of the flower, and secure with a bobby pin. hair spray to finish.

Cute easy skirt tutorial!

Is it just my girls, that really LOVE skirts? Most days my two year old, C. E , refuses to wear anything that isn't either a skirt or a dress. Lucky for her I am constantly making skirts and dresses. :) I haven't even purchased her any pants for a year. ( well I did purchase one pair, but it had a skirt attached so it doesn't count.) Each day after I get C. E dressed, ( in either a skirt or a dress) she always says "I wear dress lite (like) a pincess (princess)."  It always makes me giggle a little. So this is my latest skirt. It is inspired by that pre shirred fabric you can get at any fabric store. they didn't have any made from corduroy  though, so I decided to make my own. If you can sew a straight line, then you can make this skirt! It is the easiest skirt I have ever made, and I have made A LOT of skirts,  It is made with grey corduroy, so it will hold up well, and the interchangeable sash will ensure it will go with anything.  C loves wearing this skir…

Inking & Stamping Tutorial

Hi, I love to scrapbook & paper craft, and I want to try out different techniques & expand my creativity. Check out this cool tutorial on inking & stamping!

I am so excited to try this out! I am going to do these techniques & post next week what I came up with using these techniques on a scrapbook page. I am giving all you, scrapbook lovers a challenge to try these techniques out & post share your cute ideas!

Hope you enjoy and have lots of fun with this.

Alright challenge on!

little girl hair tutorial #5

C. E. has WAY more hair than C,  and it is almost as long.  I love playing with her hair, but it really does have to be her idea.  The other day we were having family haircut day,  but when it was her turn, she screamed and thrashed so hard, that I didn't even get to make one cut.  Don't even ask her if its okay to use the curling iron, because it instigates instant screaming.  This type of behavior has made my encounters with her hair super quick and gentle. That being said, (or written rather) This tutorial has only three steps. Step 1 Part hair into three sections

French braid each section towards the back and finish with a ponytail.

Gather up all the hair into two pigtails, on final turn of elastic only pull the hair through half of the way.

Finish with some cute bows.

Potion Bottle Tutorial

Potion Bottles Hi everyone, today I thought I would show you a quick easy Halloween craft that was fun to create.  This is how you do it: Use an unusual bottle. ( I went to the thrift store to find my bottles) Spray Paint the bottle (I used a good brand of spray paint, sometimes it is hard to get paint to stick to glass.  You may want to prime the bottle or even use a fine sandpaper to scratch it up first. Fill the bottle with rice, wheat, sand or something to give it weight. Glue the top with a super glue of your choice. Decorate the bottles with ribbon. moss, anything that makes it look old and spooky. I made labels with my computer using an Old English font. ( Witches Warts, Vampires Blood, Toads Drool, Dragons fire) You can put the labels on the bottles or make a tag with the labels. This is such a fun craft for you and your kids to make!

Hair tutorial #4

Sorry about the lack of pictures,  I didn't realize how cute this one would be until I was already finished. Luckily though it is a pretty straight forward hairdo. that doesn't really require much explanation. :)

Step 1: First you part the hair down the middle.  put one side into a ponytail or a clip to keep it out of the way.
Step 2: split the other side in half  then section off two little sections. Braid each section.
Step 3: Cross a braid to the other side and gather another section of hair and put it into a ponytail.
do the same with the other braid , repeat 2 more times. then pull all the hair into a ponytail.
repeat these steps on other side of head.

 Curl each ponytail towards face in one big curl.( if hair is thick curl in sections in the same direction, then comb into one big curl.) Finish with some cute bows.