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Flower Belt Tutorial

The other day C got dressed in this cute yellow shirt and paired it with a white skirt. While the outfit was cute, it lacked a little something. So I decided to make a white belt to go with it( A little obsessive I know). Since C is in afternoon kindergarten, and I usually have her get dressed around 10:00,  I had plenty of time to whip this up before she went to school. It took me only 30 min, and it finished the outfit perfectly.
Here is how I did it:
Step 1 

Cut a strip of fabric 6 inches wide, then measure the fabric around your child's waist and determine how you want the belt to fit. Cut the fabric strip to the desired length.

Step 2

fold the fabric strip in half length wise and sew it together. creating a tube

Step 3

Turn the tube inside out and Iron flat.

 Step 4

Now we create the flower. I found this cute ruffled fabric at Walmart
in the ribbon section.

It was already gathered but I wanted it to create a really full flower so I gathered it some more.
To do this, just set your machine to a running stitch, tighten your tension a bit, and it should make a really nice gather. 

Step 5 

Starting at one end of your gathered ruffle, simply wrap the fabric around itself keeping the gathered edge even with itself all the way around. As pictured below.  When it is all gathered, sew through all the layers until  the flower is secure.

 When the flower is finished it should look similar to the one below

  Step 6

I used snaps to finish each belt end.
You can purchase a snap kit for a few dollars, that comes with everything you need at Walmart, or any craft store.  Or you can use a snap tool like the one below.

 Follow the instructions that come with your snap kit to place snaps at each end of the belt.

Step 7

Sew the Flower onto the belt, I sewed it with double thread to make sure it was secure.

 That's it! Easy as can be.


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