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I would like to share some ideas with you on making an emergency preparedness kit with essential oils.  When people think of emergency preparedness they think of 72 hours kits, or food storage, Thing  you would need if there was a natural disaster, and etc.  It's pretty easy to make a small first aid kit.  But I was thinking about something that aid to
Your health.  I would like to share the top essential oil that would be in my emergency preparedness kit.

1.  Lavender,  this oil is probably my favorite. I have used it for years.  Like I've always said,  if you don't know what to use,  use lavender.  It's a calming oil,  it helps you sleep,  it reduces stress and anxiety, it has antibiotic properties,   It is great for inflammation,  it helps burns and bug bites you name it  this oil will help.

2.  Oregano, definently  one of the top  oils for a emergency kit.  This oil is your antibiotic,  you use this for bacterial infections, cold and flues.?

3.  Melaleuca. This is your healing oil.  It is used for topical first aid ointment,  this help with fungal issues like athlete's foot, also good for skin, Irritations like  eczema, psoriasis,  this oil is an antibiotic not as strong as oregano,  but excellent for children.

4.  Lemon,  this oil is excellent for purifying your body,  put a couple of drops in your water every day to clean you kidneys, liver, intestines out.  Good for colds and flu, allergies,  helps with stomach issues.  It also brightens your day.

5.  Peppermint. this is an excellent oil.  It is a fever reducer, digestive issues, headache,  helps nausea, car sickness,  it increases oxygen in you system.  It helps with inflammation and anxiety.  This oil is great for so many things.

6. Cloves.  This is your emergency dentist,  this oil is the one you use for a toothache.   It helps draw out infections and toxins from your body.  Also helps with the immune system.

7.  Frankincense. This oil can also be used for about anything.  Good for getting rid of warts,  any skin problems,  it reduces inflammation, it can be calming.   Helps heal the nervous system.

8.  Immune system blend, like On Guard, or Thieves, or traders blend, different name for different brands,   Helps with colds and flu,  helps prevent sickness.   Helps with infections.   One oil I would not ever be without.

9.  Respiratory blend   Like Breath. Helps with the respiratory system,  help build lung function. Excellent for asthma.

10.  Lemongrass. Excellent antibiotic. A very soothing oil.  Helps muscle cramps,  good for fighting infections.

This is a small list of oils I use the most.  All of these oil are helpful with so many problems that I haven't listed.  I do not claim to be a Doctor,  these oils help me, this is only a suggestion.  Hope it helps.


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