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Physicians Formula anti-aging set review

So I LOVE Physicians Formula products!
A few months ago, I was looking at my self in the mirror, and I came to grips with the fact that I am aging. Although I am only 28, the stresses of raising two children (and sometimes a husband) is really starting to take its toll on my skin. I then decided  I needed  to switch up my normal skin care routine, to allow for some magical anti-aging products. ;) Being a licensed cosmetologist, I had access to a plethora of skin care products. However the nearest beauty supply shop is a 20-30 minute drive from my house.  Since I felt I needed the help immediately, (silly I know) I decided to give the good old Walmart a shot. I felt relatively sure that with my knowledge of ingredients that I could find something that would do. 
I find that I am VERY happy that I did decide to try out Walmart.  Physicians Formula just came out with this fabulous anti-aging set. 
You still can't find it in some Walmarts.  Don't worry though, you can find it on Amazon, for about the same price you pay at Walmart.  I purchased mine in a promotional set of 4 products. The set consisted of : the wrinkle corrector and firming cleanser, the wrinkle corrector and firming moisturizer with spf 15.
the deep wrinkle corrector day and night cream, and the intensive wrinkle corrector firming eye cream. 
Now just so we are clear, the ONLY type of cream that will actually reduce wrinkles can only be obtained through a Physician. Those products contain a high dose of Retinoic acid or retinol that boost collogen production.  Even if the labels say it contains retinol, save your money, because there isn't enough retinol in that cream to  work. So if you are looking for true wrinkle correction, this product ISN'T what you are looking for. Your going to have to go see your dermatologist for that! If you are looking for wrinkle prevention, this product is a good candidate.  The reason why? Because this set has the best moisturizing capabilities I have EVER found. I have VERY dry skin,  after using this set on my face my skin feels so soft and smooth. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized for hours after. 
The cleanser: 
 the cleanser does NOT lather very much, but that is fine. It is actually a good sign, because lather means the the product is very basic with a ph level closer to 8 to 10. Harsh soaps like hand soap and such will have ph levels that high. The fact that this cleanser has little lather suggest to me that the ph level is lower, closer to 7 ( I haven't tested the ph levels, so this is purely a guess). Which means that the soap is more gentle.  I found that when I first started to use this product I broke out.  Which is also a good sign, as long as the break out doesn't last longer than a week.  It means the cleanser goes deep to penetrate into your pores and pulls the impurities to the surface. If your break out lasts longer than a week, then you are probably allergic to something in the product and you should discontinue use.

The daily moisturizer:
 This moisturizer is wonderful! It is the key to the entire set. the MOST IMPORTANT part of your skin care is a moisturizer with an spf of at least 15, 30 would be better. This moisturizer has only an spf of 15 which is enough protection for minimal sun exposure. If planning on being outside a lot, then you will need to double up on sunscreen. UV rays are the #1 cause of wrinkles.  So the more you can protect your skin from them the fewer wrinkles you will have.
The day & night cream:
 A little bit goes a LONG way! Oh this cream makes my face feel like I smeared butter on it, only better. It is not heavy it is very light, yet the smooth moisture last for a very long time. I did notice that the small wrinkles and fine lines were less noticeable. But they came back again as soon as I stopped using the set. :( so this is definitely NOT a permanent fix.

Eye Cream:
 This eye cream is gentle,  I even got some in my eye once and it didn't hurt.  It did make my fine lines less noticeable, but it also didn't last. 

All in all this set is a great preventive skin aging set of products. They are inexpensive, and I believe worth every penny!


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