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Boston Jane Trilogy

Hi everyone,  I am here again with another trilogy of books to read.  This is for anyone that just enjoys reading.  You may laugh at this because this is not some sophisticated read.  It is simple, but fun.  In fact, I found these book in the young adult section of our local library.   I loved the simple little story with the true historical setting and facts of these books.
 Book #1  Boston Jane: An Adventure,              Book #2  Boston Jane: Wilderness Days,  
 Book #3  Boston Jane: The Claim  by Jennifer L. Holms.

Seventeen-year-old Jane Peck in the darling of Washington Territory more a home in the rugged Pacific Northwest that she ever was in the refined world of Philadelphia society.  She's outwitted wild animals, vengeful ghosts and even a disloyal fiance and finally found a place where she truly belongs.  But when her finishing-school nemesis the perfect and poised Sally Biddle, invades Shoalwater Bay, Jane discovers that the most dangerous thing on the frontier just may be an impeccably dressed debutante.  As Sally schemes and charms her way in Jane's close-knit circle, spreading lies and claiming Jane's friends as her own, Jane finds everything she holds dear threatened including her true love!  

This was such a fun series to read I would recommend this for everyone young and old.


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Little girl Hairstyle tutorial #7 Knot hair do

This is one of my favorite hair styles I have done on C so far.  I just love all the different textures, with the braids,  and the knots, and the poofy ponytail in the back.  Don't worry I know it looks complicated, but if you follow the steps you will see it is really easy!
Part the hair across the front of the head, like in the picture to the left. Then dutch braid, the hair down to the ear.
then make a part from the tip of the left ear to the tip of the right ear  and make 5 pony tails with the remaining hair on top of head up to the part you just made. Tuck the tail of the dutch braid into your first pony tail.
Tie each ponytail into a knot. Demonstrated in the picture on the left. Once all the ponytails have been tied into knots. take the tails, and pull them into a single ponytail at the back of the head.

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Part hair on the side of head.

Braid from forehead towards the back of head and secure. I use elastic bands in my girls hair, and bobby pins in my own.

Curl the rest of hair with a curling iron.

Finish with a cute bow.

Gosh doesn't she have the CUTEST face ever? I LOVE that little smile so much!

little girl hair tutorial #6 braided flower

This hair do looks super complicated and fancy, yet it is really quite easy.   Step 1 Braid 3 french braids on the top of the head, secure with elastic bands. Then pull All the hair into one ponytail at the back of head.

Step 2  braid 6 even braids into the ponytail

 Step 3  Loop the end ofthe braid and secure it with the elastic that is holding the ponytail in place.  Repeat this with 5 of the braids, spacing them around the ponytail to form petals.

 Step 4 Tie the last braid into a knot in the center of the flower, and secure with a bobby pin. hair spray to finish.